Tactical Voice Radio Call Sign "Lockport"

Top Row: Combat Action Ribbon – Navy Battle E Ribbon – National Defense Service Medal
Second Row: Vietnam Service Medal – Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon – Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

Albert David was laid down on 28 April 1964 at Seattle, Washington, by the Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Co.; launched on 19 December 1964; sponsored by Mrs. Lynda Mae David and commissioned at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on 19 October 1968, Comdr. Roy Skofield Reynolds in command.

Namesake:               Lt Albert David
Ordered:                  20 March 1963
Builder:                    Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction
Laid Down:               29 April 1964
Launched:                19 December 1964
Commissioned:        19 October 1968
Decommissioned:    18 September 1989
Fate:                        Initially leased, 18 September 1989,
                                then sold to Brazil 24 January 2001;
                                struck from the US Naval Register.
Marinha do Brasil:   Renamed CT Para D27
Decommissioned:    12 November 2008

Fate:                         Disposed at sea 2016

General Characteristics:

Class and Type:       Garcia Class Frigate / Destroyer Escort
Displacement:         2624 tons (light)
                                3,400 tons (full)
Length:                    414’ 6”
Beam:                       44’ 1”
Draft:                       24’ 6”
Propulsion:              2 Foster-Wheeler boilers, 1 steam
                                Turbine, 35,000 shp, single screw
Speed:                      27 knots
Range:                      4,000 nautical miles @ 20 knots
Compliment:            16 Officers
                                231 Enlisted

Sensors:                   AN/SPS-40 Air Search RADAR

                                AN/SPS-10 Surface Search RADAR

                                AN/SQS-26 Bow Mounted SONAR

                                Towed Array SONAR System (TASS)

EW/ECM                AN/WLR-1c Receiver

                                ULQ-6 Deception Transmitter

Armament:               MK56 MOD 43 Fire Control System

                                2x 5"/38 MK 30 Dual Purpose Naval Guns

                                (Appx. 350 Rounds per Magazine)

                                1 8-Tube MK16 ASROC Launcher

                                (16 Missiles)  

                                2x MK 32 Torpedo Tubes (3 Tubes Each)

                                e/w MK 46 Torpedoes

                                MK 6 Fanfare Torpedo Decoy System

Helicopter:               Navy SH-2 Seasprite LAMPS